Due Date
This WW1 project will be due by 11pm on Monday February 15, 2010. You will have class time to work on it, but you will be expected to work on it over the weekend in order to complete it.

I will lock your wikipage at 4pm and you will no longer be able to edit it. I will consider what I see then as your final product.
A late penalty of 20% will be applied if you want me to extend your deadline one day. Each day will be 10% after that.

Partners for our Project are as follows.
Please fill in your choice of topics. Selections will be made on a first come, first served basis. Mr Cowie will assign topics in event of a conflict between groups. Please delete your topic from the list as you sign up with it.

Revised Topic list includes:
Canadian Autonomy
French/English Relations
League of Nations

I found an amazing research site for you to use. If you go to you will find an incredible amount of research. I have the user ID and password if you want to access the site. You can ask or email me for it.

Preferred Topic
Women in the War
Levi and Bryce
Leaders of the War
Chloe and Wyatt
The Conscription Crisis
Dallas and Falisha
Canada Corps
Zakk and Eunice
Battle of Somme
Devon and Craig
Technology in the War
Bryce and Samantha
Battle of Vimy Ridge
Patrick and Scott
Alex and Dan
Treaty of Versailles/Paris Peace Conference
Morgan and James
Schlieffen Plan
Lauren and Shaylee
War at Home
Mackenzie and Brett -
The Battle of Passchendaele
Richard M and Ricky B
Battle of Ypres
Bruce and Dawson
Enemy Aliens, Conscientious Objectors
War Strategy