Vimy Ridge

Vimy Ridge, France
April 9th - April 12th 1917

Basic Idea
wins in World War I. The Germans had taken over the land in 1914 due to its tactful land mass in France. The French had tried 3 times to take Vimy back from the Germans but all attempts were a fail.(4) The main fighters in this battle were the Canadian Corps and they were fighting against the German Sixth Army. Many months of training took place before this battle. (5) It was one of the first times that Canada fought as one unit. This battle had taken the most prisoners guns and area more than any other British Offence in the war. (6)

Vimy Ridge was one of Canada’s more victorious milestones in World War I.(4) The Canadians forced the Germans to retreat this area; the battle toll took 3,598 lives and injured 7,004.(5)

Vimy Ridge Memorial
Since Canadians were so triumphant in this war a permanent memorial to the battle. It is located at the highest point on Vimy Ridge it represents Canadian and all the lost soldiers during the war. Around the landmark are still tunnels trenches and unexploded munitions closed off the general public. (5)

Battle Orders for Vimy Ridge


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