During World War 1, Propaganda was used to influence more people to join the war. However, instead of using actual war statistics and stating exactly what was going on, most propaganda posters emphasised the good parts and downplayed the bad parts. In Canada during WW1, most of the posters incouraged people to enlist.
The few videos that were made usually showed war footage of soldiers somehow managing to gun down enemies (assuming they weren't just actors)

To a large part propaganda was effective. It got large amounts of Canadians to enlist, believing that their efforts to the war would earn them the respect of their friends and family.
Most propaganda posters were posted outside enlistment centers, while propaganda films were being showed during regular films.

The propaganda posters that weren't those for enlisting were then usually posters that encouraged people to buy victory bonds (or liberty bonds, depending on the country of origin). These posters were very effective, because they garunteed the buyer a five to five and-a-half percent return to the buyer. They were especially effective in Great Britian, who also had short films of the late and great Charlie Chaplin illustrating how liberty bonds woulddefeat the German Kaiser.

hun3.jpg Propagnda was a huge influence to sway the public to join the army and defend your country. Germany was one of the biggest influences of all the countries. As they added people to their army, they were becoming weaker as a nation. Germany strived to rule all the countries and dominate every army.