Canada Corps

The canadian corps was founded in world war one. It originated from the canadian expeditionary force (C.E.F) in september 1915. After the arrival of the second canadian division in france, the expedition was expanded by the third canadian division back in december 1915. And then, One year later in august the fourth canadian division and the one year after that in febuary the fifth was born.
Most Canadian corps were born in britian making them british. So Canada had a strong alliance with the queen, and when The british went to war, we did. But then in 1917 the Canadian enlistment rose all the way up to 51 percent and eventually became Canadian run. Most of the troops were volunteers. In the end, exactly 24, 132 canadian soldiers made it to france front lines before novemeber 11 1918. In the final and last stages of world war one. Canadian soldiers were among the the most effective and higly respected military forces.

There was a lot of effort put forth in 1916 to make the canadian corps a canadian force instead of part of the british army. Eventhough canada wa sstill under the command of the queen. Until 1916 when julian byng was ennobled as the lietenant of the canadian corps, EAH Alderson was in charge. But do to Political consideration caused the change. Then in 1917 Byng was promoted and sir Arther W. currie was made the first canadian commander.

In April of 1917, The canadian troops captured vimy ridge. This battle was one of the most successful and couragious attacks of world war one. In 1918, durring spring and summer the canadian corps supported french and british troops as the held off germans. In august 8th to the 11th the corps destroyed the offence that the CC9.jpggermans had so cunningly made during the battle of Amiens. A devistating attack had hit the germans cause Erich Ludendorff to order his troops to fall back. Eventually It bacame known as the “Black day of the german army”. Though the canadians refered to this as “Canadas Hundred days”. Even after Amiens, Canada still lead the Allies to push through till it eventually ended in 1918 in mons where the British had met with german troops in 1914. The canadian first and second divisions took occupated stations in germany. Eventually the Sacandians demobilized in 1919. Canadian troops returned home to canada where they all were welcomed by gifts and crowds of people across the country.

The battle of Vimy ridge was fought as a part of the battle of Arras. This battle was fought in the Nord-pas-de-Calais in France. The main troops were Canadian against three divisions of the German Sixth army. The battle started in April 9th and stretched out the 12th in 1917.

The Canadians troops’ objective was to take control of German ground high above them. The Canadians took a path through an escarpment which would cover German fire from south flank. Supported by a rolling barrage of artillery fire the Canadian troops
manage to take control of most of the ridge. The town of Thelus had fallen during the second day. And many other small town after that.

Canadian Divisions[4]
Unit color
Major battles
1st Canadian Division

Established: August 1914
Disbanded: November 1918

Edwin Alderson
March 1915 - Sept 1915
Second Battle of Ypres
Arthur Currie
Sept 1915 - June 1917
Battle of Mont Sorrel
Battle of the Somme
Battle of Vimy Ridge

Archibald Cameron Macdonell
June 1917 - 1919
Battle of Hill 70
Battle of Passchendaele

2nd Canadian Division

Established: May 1915
Disbanded : Nov 1918

Sam Steele
May 1915 - Aug 1915
R. E. W. Turner
Sept 1915 - Dec 1916
Battle of the Somme
Battle of Passchendaele

Henry Edward Burstall
Dec 1916 - Nov 1918
Battle of Vimy Ridge
3rd Canadian Division

Established: Jan 1916
Disbanded : Nov 1918

M. S. Mercer
Dec 1915 - Jun 1916
(died in combat)

Battle of Mont Sorrel
Louis Lipsett
Jun 1916 - Sep 1918
Battle of the Somme
Battle of Vimy Ridge
Battle of Passchendaele

Frederick Loomis
Sep 1918- Nov 1918
4th Canadian Division

Established: Apr 1916
Disbanded: Nov 1918

David Watson
Apr 1916 - Nov 1918
Battle of Vimy Ridge
Battle of Passchendaele
Battle of Amiens
Battle of Arras
Battle of Cambrai

5th Canadian Division

Established: Feb 1917
Disbanded: Feb 1918

Garnet Hughes
Feb 1917 - Feb 1918


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